Atieno Juma

Winston Owino
3 months ago

  The rain is unrelenting. The thunder is loud and persistent with its roar. At this time of the night, lightning is all that seems to light up the sky after long, dark intervals. I observe all this from the cracked kitchen window of our one bedroomed house, placed on the second floor of the

 Culture & Tradition

The marvel of Manga

Tom Mwiraria
4 months ago

A road is laid, connecting Kisii to Nyamira county. It winds and turns, rises and falls. Soon it will take me to a misty verdant hill that goes as far as eyes can see. I will be there soon before the gathering clouds weep over the mute hill. They call it Manga cliff. A local


Reflecting On African Feminisms.

Editors' Pick
5 months ago

By Aluwani Ramarumo Africa matters Initiative presented a women in leadership workshop to Code4CT, an organisation which empowers young women and girls through coding. The workshop concentrated on African feminism and uplifting other women. It was attend by young women in various spheres of life. From high school scholars, students and working women, who all


We Are Not Ready For Radical Economic Transformation – Yet.

Editors' Pick
5 months ago

By S. Knowington Many governments have tried and are still on a great path to achieve socio-economic growth through job creation, empowerment programs  like tenders, BEE (South Africa) and cooperatives within the agricultural sector. These steps have undoubtedly boosted growth and most are well managed even though corruption is always a stumbling block. While appreciating


Is HelpGhana A Scam?!

Benjamin Wilson Fianu
6 months ago

What if I told you that the smartest people in this world don’t know everything. Even the greatest minds belonging to fictional characters – Batman, Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper – falter when they are tested in areas beyond their knowledge. Artificial intelligence doesn’t fare any better because in the end it was put together