B. Sc . Lust (Hons) ; A Bachelor Of Lust .

When he entered inside the library lounge, she was sitting waist deep in a shiny single leather couch with a Gtel mobile in her right hand. A few books were by the side of the lounge suit. It was relatively quite and half empty in the library being a late afternoon on Friday. Most people had already departed for the weekend or occupied with visits around different hostels. A few disturbing figures and footsteps of big legged , cute young ladies who mesmerised this lustful young man passed by swerving their backs passing through the lounge heading to other sections of the library.

Nobert took a recent copy of the Herald from the library periodicals. He opened a few pages and simultaneously stealthily looked appreciatively at the female students who were passing through. This time coming out of the library. Nobert felt his head closely following their direction and in panic, he jerked it back. He could sense that someone was looking at him. He raised his head.

It was the lady who was sitting on the other side of the lounge, a few metres from him. He seemed to recognise her face.

Their eyes met and the lady quickly shifted hers to her cellphone. He smiled. His eyes went down to her chest where her golden breasts swelled to bursting against her blouse, then mercifully sloped back to her stomach. He had actually recognised her. She was Linda’s room mate.

She groaned. He smiled.

‘I guess it is a cute story!’

She leaned her back on the couch and crossed one leg with a flash of white.And before he could say ‘Hello’ as he intended. She went on, ‘You have been smiling since you entered in’

He shrugged. He wanted to say that it was such a wonderful article in the newspaper he had. He panicked. He noticed that he was actually holding the newspaper upside down! He watched her small rounded mouth, purple with lipstick turning into a broad smile. She giggled. She uncrossed her leg and crossed the other one. Fluttering unsteadily like a newborn cobra his manhood strained towards an erection. He groaned and turned the newspaper in the clockwise direction. He clutched it as if he was afraid somebody would take it away forcibly.

Nobert tried avoiding looking at her directly. She stood up and walked in the direction of the periodical shelves. Yoh! She was wholesome. Long, straight browny legs, hips just the right size, slightly lighter than first-grade avocado pears. She went forward and picked up a journal from the periodicals.

She smiled shyly and said ‘I thought you were going to say something.’

‘Oh well’, he licked his somewhat dry and greyish lips. ‘ Can I have your Econet number?’

‘I hope you don’t intend to capitalise on free minutes.’ She stretched herself and handed Nobert her metallic silver Gtel mobile. He was conscious of her faint fragrance. ‘Enter your digits there and save.’

Soon it was done and he handed the cellphone back to her.

‘May you text or call me now so that I can have yours also?’, he managed a smile.

By the way, what’s your name?’

‘I’m Charity.’

Charity……Charity……Charity….Charity. The name rang like a bell at Machonyonyo High School. Then he wondered if Martha – the head girl at this high school the previous year- had ever been beautiful. Maybe she was only beautiful according to the standards of the village. He had a new perception, a new revelation. The classical ‘ZimASSETS’ existed at the campus, Charity being such one and maybe Linda…? But ……no Charity was a typical lady. He thought.

He envisaged a three year long battle for the accomplishment and concentration of either a bachelors degree in Economics or in Lust. Of which the attainment of a Honours in Economics was a desired virtue whilst the ladies – with their variations – were quite irresistible.


Brighton Taruberekera aka @tbmunyori is a political Science student at the University Of Zimbabwe. He is also a poet. Above all, he is passionate about writing. He can be contacted on 0778992045 / tbmunyori@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/tbmunyori

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About the Author:

Brighton Taruberekera
I am an African young man, a short story writer and a student at the University of Zimbabwe. My poetic works and several pieces has been published elsewhere.

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