We Are Not Ready For Radical Economic Transformation – Yet.

Editors' Pick
1 month ago

By S. Knowington Many governments have tried and are still on a great path to achieve socio-economic growth through job creation, empowerment programs  like tenders, BEE (South Africa) and cooperatives within the agricultural sector. These steps have undoubtedly boosted growth and most are well managed even though corruption is always a stumbling block. While appreciating


Now You Can Buy Bonds On Your Mobile Phone.

Robert Belt
11 months ago

Kenya began selling government bonds through mobile phones last week.  This is the first time a government has used this mode of transaction. The country has established its position as the leader of mobile money and are now looking for new funds for capital improvement by their citizen's help.  Kenya could have easily gone to



Joel Savage
11 months ago

Soldiers are trained and equipped to defend their country or take part in foreign missions. The training they got made them tough, even though they don’t always win during combat.  I didn't join the Ghana army. I tried to but I didn’t succeed. When I left my family, my experience was similar to military training and


Are We Prepared For Financial Technology?


Many countries across the globe are taking advantage of the latest technologies while others haven’t set up strategies to adopt these technologies. In developed countries, heavy investments have been made to explore the opportunities that technology brings and mechanisms to support the sector as a key driver of growth. The potential impact cannot be emphasised


How infrastructure development can turn around Africa’s fortunes


The African continent is rising is out of the question. However, the continent is still plagued by a myriad of challenges that still hold back its potential, especially efforts aimed at improving the business environment and poverty alleviation to ensure sustainable economic growth. That’s why Africa needs leaders who can take on these challenges and


Gambling in Uganda

Deepam Sharma
1 year ago

The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. Consisting of population over 35 million (2015).  Gambling is under regulated in the country. In the fiscal year 2013-14, the government generated 11 billion shillings in form of tax from the gambling sector (approx $3 million). Lately national lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board of Uganda have


Agricultural impacts of climate change and the drought in Sub-Sharan Africa


Over the 21st century drastic changes in climatic patterns are expected. It will have an impact ecosystems as well as availability of natural resources like water and fertile land. Areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa characterised by poverty, poor infrastructure and service delivery as well as relatively poor governance have as a result low adaptive capacity