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The sun stared at the world without pause through the crystal clear sky. Fragile ornamental plants withered under the glare of the fiery orb while the trees sagged as if exhausted. The heat radiating from the streets soon created an atmosphere of an oven. Many people sought comfort from the heat by eating ice cream


Why I Don’t Tiptoe.

Samuel Wageita
8 months ago

With much said by great philosophers, scientists, Independent thinkers, atheists, believers and renown men from all walks of life, much about this wonderful life might still be unsaid. Each day shows up like any other. The only difference between today and yesterday comes in that either of the days is dull. I don't think there


Early Marriage in Zimbabwe

Editors' Pick
10 months ago

By Noreen Chiororo Enjoying the mid-morning sun, she sat against the wall of a kitchen hut, her abdomen akin to a bump. A fetus was growing on the inside. She imagined herself going to school. For a moment, she believed it was true until she realized that she was day dreaming as always. In reality,