Harrison Magige
1 year ago

He was dealing with it for the last day. He assured himself. He will never again deal with it once more, not ever! Although he had promised himself the same sometimes back and never fulfilled his word but this time, he was certain to follow it. This is my last effort, he declared to himself.

 Culture & Tradition

Changing the AFRICAN Memo of MEDIOCRITY once again!

Achaab Daniel
2 years ago

The letter you are about to read is an unedited piece from renowned African satirist and comedian, Kwaku Sintim-Misa. It is related to a post on my blog [http://achaabdan.wordpress.com] posted earlier on October 25, 2014 titled, Changing The African Memo & Maximizing Your Talents (Insight From KSM). In here, no words can describe the ultimate form of honesty and


Writers Lounge: Inspiring and Developing young African Writers in Kenya(Writers Guild)


Young writers all over Kenya now have a chance to be the next Chinua Achebe. This has been made possible by the formation of a Writing ecclesia, The Writer Guild_Kenya, created by a young inspiring and innovative graduate from Kenyatta University, Mr. Gabriel Dinda. Through the charter of Writers Guild Kenya, young writers (both established


The Sweet Taste Of Christmas In Ghana

Joel Savage
2 years ago

Journalist/Documentary film Producer and Director Justin N.K. Savage and wife Nancy-Elizabeth Savage (Nancy-Elizabeth Hudson) You looking at my mother and father.   Christmas is a joyous season full of love. As an occasion which symbolizes peace, giving and sharing, adults love it. So guess what it is like for a child when it is Christmas