It was after we had our dinner that Isaac started the lorry. Soon we were on the N1 Highway heading towards the south to a place only identified as Tzaneen. In the rear of the truck we chatted, joked and laughed until we exhausted them. The journey was just longer than anyone of us had anticipated. The


Lovers of sight and sound.


The sun stared at the world without pause through the crystal clear sky. Fragile ornamental plants withered under the glare of the fiery orb while the trees sagged as if exhausted. The heat radiating from the streets soon created an atmosphere of an oven. Many people sought comfort from the heat by eating ice cream


Granny’s Flat

Robyn Perros
9 months ago

"Granny’s flat smelled of sour milk and cigarettes. Soap opera’s blared from the TV’s down the hallway and paint peeled like chapped lips from the walls. The carpets were yellow and sticky ­­–­ “like old earwax”, my mother and I would giggle as we hiked the stairs. Fanning our armpits and fixing our hair."


Women and girl empowerment in Kenya

Eunniah Mbabazi
1 year ago

Back from time immemorial We've been bashed, jeered, sneered, ignored, Told we're dwellers of the kitchen. They made it clear on our being submissive, Tales of letting men dominate over us ran the places, Our backs a field of fire on a daily basis, Oh, how it hurts. Education to us is an unreachable horizon;


Who will save me?


When I came to this world, ululations burst from the small hut that served as the maternity ward. The world was frenzied in wild song and dance. It’s a baby girl, they exclaimed. The first thing I did was cry. What a contrast! “Welcome to the world, Neema,”they said. I'm venting my pain as a


Woman in Chains

Eunniah Mbabazi
1 year ago

Clock ticks to midnight, My balcony way colder than usual, the rapid heartbeat against my chest not giving me a chance to rest. My mind is clogged, Sweat, distressed, forlorn. will he come back? Do I still have a chance to live the live everyone else wants? Will I ?   The door creaks open