Reflecting On African Feminisms.

Editors' Pick
1 month ago

By Aluwani Ramarumo Africa matters Initiative presented a women in leadership workshop to Code4CT, an organisation which empowers young women and girls through coding. The workshop concentrated on African feminism and uplifting other women. It was attend by young women in various spheres of life. From high school scholars, students and working women, who all


Is HelpGhana A Scam?!

Benjamin Wilson Fianu
2 months ago

What if I told you that the smartest people in this world don’t know everything. Even the greatest minds belonging to fictional characters – Batman, Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper – falter when they are tested in areas beyond their knowledge. Artificial intelligence doesn’t fare any better because in the end it was put together


The Violence Of Being Nigerian.

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5 months ago

By Mark Lekan Lalude The Nigerian is a special breed of a race of humans well-adjusted to the quirkiness of prejudices and biases. If uneducated, he touts them as aggressive notions, as the only meaningful facts of its kind. When educated, he would have learnt how to artfully conceal such biases and prejudices in sophisticated


Convicted Writer

Tom Mwiraria
7 months ago

I'm engulfed by darkness as I scribble on this tattered notebook. It is by luck they allowed me to keep it. Soon my pen will run out of ink and my world will grow from darkness to emptiness. Here I sit on the cold floor prison floor, stuck between the past that I don't belong


Beware Africa

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Beware those who celebrate freedom yet they are the oppressors Beware those who claim to care for sheep yet they are the hyenas Beware those who preach justice yet their hands are stained by the blood of the innocent Beware of whose ignorance is monumental such monuments they will erect Beware of those who use


On animal cruelty and oppression.

Tom Mwiraria
10 months ago

Children who are cruel to animals also record poor grades in school. It is a serious pointer that such a child needs some training because cruelty to animals is reptilian behavior. Sparingly though I must say many children go through a stage of exploration during which they might harm insects or other small animals.


Valentine’s Day is Overrated.

Mzangila Snr
1 year ago

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. She is waiting with a big grin on her fat lips. With a huge purse hanging on her left arm, waiting to sniff at your wallet. She’s donning a skimpy mini-skirt that reveals her thighs. Her fat lips are shining from the heavy lip gloss that is smeared with