The Violence Of Being Nigerian.

Editors' Pick
8 months ago

By Mark Lekan Lalude The Nigerian is a special breed of a race of humans well-adjusted to the quirkiness of prejudices and biases. If uneducated, he touts them as aggressive notions, as the only meaningful facts of its kind. When educated, he would have learnt how to artfully conceal such biases and prejudices in sophisticated


Not Yet Uhuru

Mzangila Snr
9 months ago

Kenya is small country tucked comfortably in East Africa, bordering Tanzania to the South, Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the North West, Ethiopia to the North, Somalia to the East and Indian Ocean to the South East. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Kenya is home to close to 47 million


Convicted Writer

Tom Mwiraria
10 months ago

I'm engulfed by darkness as I scribble on this tattered notebook. It is by luck they allowed me to keep it. Soon my pen will run out of ink and my world will grow from darkness to emptiness. Here I sit on the cold floor prison floor, stuck between the past that I don't belong


Wake Up Mwanainchi!

Deborah Moraa
11 months ago

So it’s all about competition, Its all about that high position Its never about the common mwanainchi Who knows us? Who knows we exist? They don’t know the shanty we come from. We think we fighting for our nation Unity being our only mission We believe in their lies, their big ‘vision’ Wake up mwanainchi


A song of redemption.

Tom Mwiraria
12 months ago

Savannah of Lions and Morans our fatherland the land of Mau Mau the land of the lionhearted the land we know as home the land soaked with our heroes blood for our freedom the land going to the dogs the land sold away the land betrayed we shall redeem our land (Refrain) we shall redeem


Memoirs from Manyani Maximum Prison.

Tom Mwiraria
1 year ago

I  have watched time stretch like a mirage in the desert. The day of my release remains phenomenal. Two years have sluggishly passed since I was accosted by three menacing police as I was trotting down Aga Khan Walk. They twisted my hands and grotesquely pinned them on my back, blindfolded me and threw me



Joel Savage
1 year ago

Soldiers are trained and equipped to defend their country or take part in foreign missions. The training they got made them tough, even though they don’t always win during combat.  I didn't join the Ghana army. I tried to but I didn’t succeed. When I left my family, my experience was similar to military training and