Reflecting On African Feminisms.

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1 month ago

By Aluwani Ramarumo Africa matters Initiative presented a women in leadership workshop to Code4CT, an organisation which empowers young women and girls through coding. The workshop concentrated on African feminism and uplifting other women. It was attend by young women in various spheres of life. From high school scholars, students and working women, who all

 Africa in Pictures

Departure from Nairobi

Tom Mwiraria
6 months ago

Departure from Nairobi -------------------- The land of indomitable lions, land of fearless eagles, land of sun's benediction', land of lonely ruby hills, land of hypnotising sunsets, the land beyond the misty mountains of my ancestors is calling my name' come, M'Ntani come'. I shall heed and go. Beneath the azure Eastern skies, across the valleys,


On a Saturday afternoon…..

Juliana Makonise
7 months ago

I am amazed by the state of everything as I sit in my old Mopani chair in the heart of Bulawayo.  As I look up, l see the marvellous blue sky covered by a few fluffy clouds and the sun peeping through the clouds as it journeys to its own land which is unbeknownst to


Whistles in deserted villages

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Let it stop the painful crying and dying of children of Turkana let it stop let the pitiful look of parents watching their kids die in their arms end let it stop let the mothers nevermore dig graves for infants let it stop Let the dehydration and pangs of hunger in Turkana end let it


A song of redemption.

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Savannah of Lions and Morans our fatherland the land of Mau Mau the land of the lionhearted the land we know as home the land soaked with our heroes blood for our freedom the land going to the dogs the land sold away the land betrayed we shall redeem our land (Refrain) we shall redeem


Letter to my bride

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Dear Nadia,I've decided that of all the women I've ever known, you are the only one I will ever love more than writing, adventures, and toys. You may not admit to this but you would want to get married because you are curious and because your age meter is reading higher than temperatures caused by