Atieno Juma

Winston Owino
2 months ago

  The rain is unrelenting. The thunder is loud and persistent with its roar. At this time of the night, lightning is all that seems to light up the sky after long, dark intervals. I observe all this from the cracked kitchen window of our one bedroomed house, placed on the second floor of the

 Africa in Pictures

Departure from Nairobi

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Departure from Nairobi -------------------- The land of indomitable lions, land of fearless eagles, land of sun's benediction', land of lonely ruby hills, land of hypnotising sunsets, the land beyond the misty mountains of my ancestors is calling my name' come, M'Ntani come'. I shall heed and go. Beneath the azure Eastern skies, across the valleys,


On a Saturday afternoon…..

Juliana Makonise
10 months ago

I am amazed by the state of everything as I sit in my old Mopani chair in the heart of Bulawayo.  As I look up, l see the marvellous blue sky covered by a few fluffy clouds and the sun peeping through the clouds as it journeys to its own land which is unbeknownst to


Memoirs from Manyani Maximum Prison.

Tom Mwiraria
1 year ago

I  have watched time stretch like a mirage in the desert. The day of my release remains phenomenal. Two years have sluggishly passed since I was accosted by three menacing police as I was trotting down Aga Khan Walk. They twisted my hands and grotesquely pinned them on my back, blindfolded me and threw me


The Lady From the Other Side

Sidney Opiyo
1 year ago

When the subject of tribalism comes up it gives me nostalgic memories. What is there in a tribe? Does tribalism really put food on my table? Does it even dress me up? The reason why I am happy about it is that it gave me an opportunity to address it as an issue and change