On a Saturday afternoon…..

Juliana Makonise
7 months ago

I am amazed by the state of everything as I sit in my old Mopani chair in the heart of Bulawayo.  As I look up, l see the marvellous blue sky covered by a few fluffy clouds and the sun peeping through the clouds as it journeys to its own land which is unbeknownst to


Letter to my bride

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Dear Nadia,I've decided that of all the women I've ever known, you are the only one I will ever love more than writing, adventures, and toys. You may not admit to this but you would want to get married because you are curious and because your age meter is reading higher than temperatures caused by

 Culture & Tradition

Wedding vows

Tom Mwiraria
10 months ago

I son of the soil, do take you Naipei as my bride, even though you have an obsession with girly pop music.I promise I will learn to like all your favourite pop stars though am not sure if you love my war and circumcision songs, it's okay. I promise to account for every penny that comes



Tom Mwiraria
10 months ago

So what follows after the meeting is you just slump in your seat, silent, shy and worried. As you analyse the word 'weird' thoughts spiral into a deep pit of delusion. It troubles you because that's the exact word you used to describe a scoundrel character in short fiction stories.