Deactivating The Code Of Silence And Speaking Out On Rape.

“I got raped at work and people still want to know what role I played in what happened to me” – Gabriel Union, Actress.

I attended a play shown at Little Theatre, Mombasa last year.  The story was about a girl who was raped by her uncle and unfortunately no one believed her. Infact, she was actually told to keep quiet by her dad because it would bring shame to the family. You can say that was brutal, but again what we can do? That is the society we live in.

For a long time now it’s always been a woman mistake that she is raped and condemnation and disgust is directed at her. No one sits to think the trauma it brings to the victim. Even the so called friends only want to listen so that they can have something to gossip about.

Gabriel Union, an American actress who spoke about her ordeal.

The actress pictured above said …“But though the rape itself was over, the horror of dealing with it was not. Seeing my dad’s face when he learned what happen was ‘a nightmare’, and I felt ‘damaged’. My boyfriend, too, was ‘destroyed’.

Adelle Onyango, a Kenyan radio presenter.

“Silence when it comes to rape culture is a luxury we can’t afford.” – Adelle Anyango, radio presenter.

A popular Kenyan radio presenter Adelle Onyango recently told her story too, you can read more here. I believe it was not easy coming out in our society where everything is taken out of context by the media and bloggers . One loose mouthed blogger took that story and decided to make fun of it. He made a very careless statement giving rape a face.

Its time we stood up against the mediocre people who make jokes and fun out of victims of rape without thinking the trauma it brings to them. Its time we stop seating down as people make careless statements on rape beause as Adelle puts it, “Silence is a luxury we cant afford anymore.”

I wrote a poem on this:


Pinned on the wall,
Dragged through to hell,
My innocence forcefully taken,
Handed to the enemy like a piece of bacon

The shame, the pain,
Boiling through my veins
I wish I didn’t live,
I wish I didn’t survive,

Cried, called out loud,
Hoping to see a crowd
Hugging me, telling me all will be okay,
It wasn’t my fault, I dint go astray,

But them, they put on me a blame,
Told me I brought them shame,
Made me believe it was my fault,
It’s me, I deserved the assault.

Activated on me that code silence,
Left me without a shred of guidance
Strangled me with their taunting blame,
Breaking my heart with their words and claim
Maybe I’ll still stand tall
But every night all I see is that wall
Dark memories haunting me all day
Suicidal thoughts disturbs my mind everyday

Who will free my heart from this pain?
Who will free my thoughts from these chains?
Where on earth will I find peace?
Who will break this code of silence?


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