Lights in the Dark

An old man was told you’d be as many as the stars

He didn’t know some would be as they are

And some of them would have to leave the nest and go far.


Some gave up and became a dark hole

Cause life in deep space just took its toll

And need anything close to make them feel whole.


Some have the heat of a super nova

With so much power battles are short and always over.

You want to try again? Here’s a four-leaf clover.


Some are really common and that’s okay.

Cause they’re the ones we love at the end of the day.

Each one has a story that they need to say.


Each one means something to a different planet.

The closest may be why life can inhabit.

Some may find meaning in them, although that’s a bad habit.


Although they exist in a place so stark

They exist to be as celestial arks

To be the lights in the dark.

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Dume Ndlovu

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