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Ngundu‘ (noun) – crown of a great chief .

Ngundu is a Shona word that literally means ‘ornament for the head worn as a symbol of sovereignty’. It is a figurative term for regal power, royalty and kingly governance. It is a term representing honorary distinction or reward.

NgunduZW was launched in August 2017, as the brain child of  a Zimbabwean founder Tinodaishe Mandebvu, who recently returned from the United States. It is a brand that seeks to restore Afro dignity and pride through celebrating local art, culture, innovation and travel in Zimbabwe and Africa.  A big part of choosing a ‘Shona’ name is a bold statement that Ngundu believes in the beauty of our language and culture.

The Ngundu brand is about restoring the regal power that is hidden within local art, culture and innovation. It is about celebrating and restoring a lost identity among African youth and owning our local culture in Zimbabwe and across the continent. When you are proud of your identity and believe in your abilities then you have found your crown. We invite all young Africans to join us on that journey in search of their crown.

As African people our knee-jerk reaction has been to condemn our products, innovations and creations.  At NgunduZW we genuinely believe our local brands, ideas, innovations are superior. We have a responsibility to relentlessly support them through buying Zimbabwean products  (#BuyZimbabwe; #BuyAfrica).

It took living abroad for 5 years for me to truly realize that if we do not champion our own products and innovations we will not excel. Ngundu was born out a passion to live an authentic life as a an African, never seeking to be anything else, anything better.  Ngundu exists to amplify all the amazing work happening in the local creative space. From artwork to technological innovation, it is evident that there is much to be celebrated in my country Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean creators have overcome heinous economic challenges and are still able to tap into that God ordained gift to create.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the Human Soul”

NgunduZW hopes to inspire young people to incorporate African heritage in their work because they truly believe it is inherently powerful. By shining a light on different success stories of local creators, we will shine a light for young people and ensure that they know their contribution is valued. We are here to tell a positive African story and encourage young Africans to engage. Our main stream media is fraught with a negative African narrative and we hope to influence a positive change through our events and media content.

NgunduZW hosted our inaugural event in September 2nd termed, “Afro Art Night”. This event was an opportunity to give Harare (Zimbabwe) residents an opportunity to engage in local art, in a fun, metropolitan way while promoting our local artists. Afro Art Night was a fun fusion of painting, wine, great food and an overall great vibe. NgunduZW is invested in making authentic African experiences fun and relevant to a new generation. We are excited about what the future holds.


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A Kasoma Africa X NgunduZW partnership will see regular collaborations, cross-posts and sharing of the African story on both platforms. You can keep up with them on their social media pages for more to come.


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NgunduZW NgunduZW
NgunduZW is a brand that seeks to restore Afro dignity and pride through celebrating art, culture, innovation and travel in Zimbabwe and Africa. .

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