The Violence Of Being Nigerian.

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8 months ago

By Mark Lekan Lalude The Nigerian is a special breed of a race of humans well-adjusted to the quirkiness of prejudices and biases. If uneducated, he touts them as aggressive notions, as the only meaningful facts of its kind. When educated, he would have learnt how to artfully conceal such biases and prejudices in sophisticated



Deborah Moraa
8 months ago

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” - Oprah Winfrey I hate journeys and especially long trips while sitting in a tiring position and with swollen feet. Sometimes I even get headaches and I'll sleep the moment I get onto a bus. On this particular day, no sooner


Why I Don’t Tiptoe.

Samuel Wageita
8 months ago

With much said by great philosophers, scientists, Independent thinkers, atheists, believers and renown men from all walks of life, much about this wonderful life might still be unsaid. Each day shows up like any other. The only difference between today and yesterday comes in that either of the days is dull. I don't think there


Not Yet Uhuru

Mzangila Snr
9 months ago

Kenya is small country tucked comfortably in East Africa, bordering Tanzania to the South, Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the North West, Ethiopia to the North, Somalia to the East and Indian Ocean to the South East. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Kenya is home to close to 47 million

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Departure from Nairobi

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Departure from Nairobi -------------------- The land of indomitable lions, land of fearless eagles, land of sun's benediction', land of lonely ruby hills, land of hypnotising sunsets, the land beyond the misty mountains of my ancestors is calling my name' come, M'Ntani come'. I shall heed and go. Beneath the azure Eastern skies, across the valleys,

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Fort Jesus

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

Between 1593-1596, the Portuguese built a Fort in Mombasa. A deluxe example of Portuguese military architecture of 16th Century, dexterously designed by Italian Architect Cairati. Built in human shape the building was christened Fort Jesus, a clear religious orientation of the builders. It is now UNESCO heritage site. Inside the Fort a museum which exhibits

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The Elderly, Lonely Woman

Tom Mwiraria
9 months ago

When we were young, growing up in the rolling hills of Meru, there sat a lonely, little crumbling, mud baked and grass thatched hut by the edge of Thagara forest. There, in the solitude of the forest, it sat like a timid, drenched bird. My eldest sibling claimed to have strayed around. He told us the


Granny’s Flat

Robyn Perros
9 months ago

"Granny’s flat smelled of sour milk and cigarettes. Soap opera’s blared from the TV’s down the hallway and paint peeled like chapped lips from the walls. The carpets were yellow and sticky ­­–­ “like old earwax”, my mother and I would giggle as we hiked the stairs. Fanning our armpits and fixing our hair."