Why I Don’t Tiptoe.

With much said by great philosophers, scientists, Independent thinkers, atheists, believers and renown men from all walks of life, much about this wonderful life might still be unsaid.

Each day shows up like any other. The only difference between today and yesterday comes in that either of the days is dull. I don’t think there exists any other difference and if any, it arises from our perceptions, imaginations or may be the zeal we carry with us as we rise, to face each day.

At the onset of each day, we have a number of goals which we wish to achieve before the day ends. Others toil all day long to achieve them in the long run while others just let the day slide passively with only a little input to solace the soul. The latter tends to be a class where quite a huge population of humans fall if there were to be an honest evaluation.

All in all, everyone is a winner at the end of the day. A winner in our own hearts.

The soul will subconsciously lay its hope on that illusionary tomorrow to pick up from the previous day’s stop, to give it yet another trial or to even begin it all over again.

Tomorrow is definitely there don’t fight back, or else I couldn’t be alive. It is only that it seems to be a cage where miracles exist. Where the impossibilities of life turn to possibilities. Day after day we hope, both consciously and subconsciously.

No offence in that definitely, I too hope for a better tomorrow. You may even wonder whether am borrowing a leaf from my great-like life. Not at all, am only a mere writer. But why not take a bold walk when I am sure of the path? If it’s a genuine course all through, why shouldn’t your tomorrow be brighter? Take pride in your today, live it up!

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