With Love,Paapa.

Esaaba Entsiful,

P.O.Box 393,


6th March, 2017.

Dearest Esaaba,

Time has not permitted us the best of encounters within the past few months.Work has robbed you of our time together and I believe in due time this will be a thing of the past.You have grown so well to the woman I hoped you’d be and I’m grateful to Odomankoma for his divine shower of blessings. I hope our in-laws are doing well as I am here – left for my arthritis. Hahaha. Do tell them to send me a text on that telephone they sent me a while back. I must say, it is complicated with all the Facebook and Instagram things showing up on the screen and they really confuse me. By the way, I was meaning to ask you this, what in the heavens is Snapchat? It is just on the screen of my telephone glaring and staring like nobody’s business. My dearest, on your Christmas break, you are coming here immediately to show me how this Akwasi Broni wonder works.

I write today, because I chanced on a note you wrote 60 years ago thanking me for the best sight ever. It was not a normal day like any other.The skies had had a touch of turquoise with a blend of magenta. It was a lovely sight and indeed the best time for what Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah was going to declare. You never knew what it was but you were more excited than I was on that fateful day of nostalgia. We were then at Kukurantumi where I used to be a blacksmith to support us. The townspeople were in their best clothing with which they mounted unto the bus bound for Accra.

You quickly run to me and said,”Paapa, Paapa it time, we go ooo.” I laughed heartily and agreed to your demands. You held me with your tiny hands and pulled me right to the wardrobe. It took us forever till you decided to go with your lovely yellow dress. You felt satisfied and accomplished about your decision and I knew I’d have my peace of mind. With no time to waste, you dragged me once gain to the bus station while I had not changed into a better wear and there we were on the next bus bound for Accra. The journey wasn’t long and we were not worried about where we would sleep because it was a moment of jubilation and no one had the time or feel to have thought of a place to sleep. Never in my life had I seen so much people gather in white and in lavishing bronya clothing. This was like the market day of market days and a sight worth reminiscing for eternity.We were all together as one.The fair, the dark, the Ewes, Ashantis, Fantes, Dagombas and all the amazing tribes we have in our beautiful motherland came together in unity to make history like never before. As we stood at the Polo grounds that fateful day, your eyes gleamed with excitement to everything you had seen. As Osagyefo mounted the stage to begin the declaration, the murmuring around caused you to pull on my khaki trousers and you begged to be carried so you could see what was going on. I carried you on my shoulders where you had a full aerial view of what was happening.

When he said,”Ghana, our beloved country is free forever!” you screamed in joy in unity with the crowd. You thanked me so much for the experience as we danced to E.T Mensah and the Tempo’s best curated highlife music. We left after the jubilation to our little kukurantumi house. You rushed quickly to your crayons and wrote me that loving message in your horrible but cute handwriting,”ThAnnk Yiou PaaPA” I reflect on this day and write with my shivering hands as the 6th of March has dawned us again. You got to live the moment and its been the most priceless of our times. I only wish your mother hadn’t left us to live that’s so as to live such a moment with us. I really do miss her and I hope she watches over us from Abraham’s bosom.

Have a Happy Independence Day my dearest and let our patriotism and unity continue to live in our hearts and be passed down to Junior and Frema. Always remember that the diversity of people that brought a common goal of independence proves that we can be liberated from any circumstances provided we aim for the goal and are determined. Stay blessed my daughter and don’t forget to bring me balls of Osu’s finest Ga kenkey on your visit.

With Love,


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